About the Coach

Jason Chamney, LeanRunner CoachJason Chamney brings a lifetime of research and experience in sport science and running training to the helm of LeanRunner.

As a student-athlete at the University of Alberta, Jason experienced modest success in the long sprints and middle distance disciplines winning indoor conference titles in 1989 and 1990 in the 600m and 300m respectively. His love for the sport was further fueled by his teammates, his coach, Al Weicker, his studies in sport science, and the multidimensional training required for these event disciplines. The balance of endurance, speed, strength and biomechanical efficiency necessary started his life-long interest in human performance.

Jason’s start as a trainer and coach began even as a student. Forming a consulting company in 1989, his primary focus was working with recreational runners and endurance athletes. The explosion of road running in the past two decades has created a synergy with his consulting practice that has allowed him to help hundreds of aspiring runners. Throughout this time he has continued to hone his training techniques through research and seeking out the most current information from mentors, colleagues, and leaders in sport science. Highlights in his career as a consultant and educator include:

• 1990 – University of Alberta – instructor for courses in Track and Field
• 1990 to1991 – Technical Director of Athletics Alberta – provincial sport governing body of Track and Field
• 1990 to 1991 – elected vice chair of Athletics Canada College of Coaches
• 1992 to present – founding director, consultant, and coach for Fitness Science Corp, TrackFit.co, and LeanRunner

As a professional trainer for more than 20 years, Jason has worked with a wide range of private clients. They include professional athletes, business executives, and entertainment industry personalities who characterize him as a “Guru” combining cutting-edge expertise, motivation, and professionalism to yield miraculous results. Given his personal sport history, if a client isn’t a runner when she starts training with Jason, she usually becomes one.

Jason has been sought out by numerous businesses and organizations. As a corporate consultant, he and his company, Fitness Science, have been fortunate to work with some exceptional companies including Blizzard-Activision and the world famous Cirque du Soleil.

Considered an expert, Jason has spoken on a variety of topics ranging from “A Functional Approach to Strength Training” to “The 3 Secrets to Achieving Your Fitness Goals”. In 1991, he noted the common goal of fat loss in his clients and started delivering the educational seminar, “The Truth About Permanent Fat Loss”. Over 20 years, science has evolved and this seminar has been tailored to serve his most important demographic, runners. Many novice and even long-time runners have struggles with their weight which has a direct impact on their performance. Thus, the LeanRunner seminar and program was born.

LeanRunner merges every advance in training and nutrition science to create a permanent metabolic and body composition shift while boosting running performance.

Testimony from more of Jason’s clients, colleagues, and mentors…

" Jason Chamney's training methods will make a difference in your race performance. They are based on sport science and experience in athletics."

Marek Jedrzejek
World Class Distance Coach, Head Coach of the University of British Columbia Track and Field Team, Coaching Staff of numerous Olympic Games, World Athletics Championships, and World Cross Country Championship Teams

" Everyone is looking for sound advice from their fitness consultant in their quest for optimal physical and mental health. Jason Chamney has the scientific educational training and an extensive practical background to guide his client's lifestyle to peak performance."

Dr. Douglas Clement
Sports Medicine Physician, Professor, World Class Distance Coach, Medical or Coaching Staff for Over 12 Olympic Games and World Championships

" Jason Chamney has proven to be a very highly valued partner for my high-level gymnasts. With all of our champions receiving excellent care, attention, advice and support, we are setting new and even higher aspirations. His knowledge and expertise truly enhances our training and conditioning programs. Thank you, Jason!"

David Kenwright
Two-Time Olympic Artistic Gymnastics Coach

" Jason: Thank you for helping me with my career. Thank you for all of the great workouts and good times over the years. Thank you for the long, hard, summers of training. They were all worth it."

Shaone Morrisonn
NHL Defenseman, Buffalo Sabers


Edward James Olmos
Award Winning Actor

" It has been great to collaborate with a conditioning professional who is genuinely invested in the global health of his clients."

Sean Campbell, MPT, MSc, BScHnrs, CGIMS
Registered Physiotherapist, Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation Consultant, Olympian

" Jason: Thank you for all of your hard and efficient work. You have helped me a lot. You are brilliant at what you do. All the best to you,"

Ellen Muth
Lead Actress, “Dead Like Me”