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”I am very grateful for this program.   They showed me how to become a LeanRunner!  I steadily lost 25 pounds of fat on the program going from a slow 205 lbs to a leaner, faster, and fitter 180 lbs. It changed my understanding of how my body works and more importantly how it can and should work. It sent me on a path toward life-long physical betterment, not just a quick fix. The only problem is that I have to keep buying smaller clothes, but I’ll have to live with it because I feel GREAT! "

- Irwin Lee
   Real Estate Professional

”This program transformed the way I train. It is like nothing else that I have ever seen. Their commitment using the most cutting-edge training techniques and nutrition science makes them leaders in the field. Their workouts are so effective; it will blow your mind! "

- Ron Sombilon

”2 newtraining sessions per week has changed my body completely in just a few months. I’m leaner, lighter, and faster. The results of the program have surpassed my expectations. Simply put, it works! "

- Melanie Ledger
   Project Manager

”For the past three years I have trained exclusively using the LeanRunner system. I felt I could benefit by learning from someone who understands running and the mechanics behind it. The program has elevated my ability to run further faster and with stronger, more controlled form. I even feel the programs help carry me though times when I'm not running and I'm always surprised what little effort it takes to start up again with good results. The program and other workouts from TrackFit.co have helped me move more correctly while working out and it has influenced the way I perform all activities. I've seen a notable difference in my body composition as well. I am at my leanest, strongest and most balanced physically that I have ever been and I attribute it all to LeanRunner and TrackFit.co "

- Aaron Parrott
   Graphic Artist

”By following the eating and training plan I was able to lose nearly 60 pounds in only four months. However, information means nothing if you don't put it into action. LeanRunner provided me with the tools for success. The biggest tip I learned was the importance training for afterburn. Before I would spend time doing continuous cardio and see very little results, but training the right way (with no equipment involved) I was able to get the results I wanted. Thank you for the help you provided that allowed me to achieve my goals. "

- Ian Malinski

”Following several years of fairly intensive cycling, I began the LeanRunner program to round out my fitness. I also reluctantly agreed to do a diet overhaul, which I thought would be a total waste of time. The results: I dropped about 7 pounds right off the bat, got leaner and stronger, and no longer felt hungry during the day and subject to potato chip binges. Three key features of this program that I very much appreciate: 1. It’s fun. I’m doing interval running and very much enjoying the change from cycling, and I’m again doing some strength work in the gym that changes often enough to keep it interesting. The running has been especially fun, and it’s been easy to see the progress from turtle-like trots to full out sprints that, while not quite yet at Olympic levels, are increasingly faster. The mix of workouts is fun and challenging. 2. It’s time efficient: every single one of the training sessions is over and done in 30-45 minutes max. They are easier workouts to fit into a day, in any facility, at home, or in virtually anywhere I might be. 3. It works: Results are there, and I can always crank up the intensity to keep going on the same trajectory. "

- Rick Peterson
   Investment Advisor

”The LeanRunner system helped me to accomplish one of the greatest achievements of my life. In less than a year, I completed the Subaru Canada Penticton Ironman triathlon at the age of 50 with NO prior endurance training or triathlon experience. During my training, I also ran two marathons and competed in a Half Ironman triathlon. As a testament to this program’s proven training techniques, I reduced my second marathon time by 8 minutes placing 6th in the 50-55 age category at the 2010 Vancouver Marathon (only my second marathon ever) and qualified for the Boston Marathon. The constant stream of key information on training, technique, hydration, and nutrition allowed my body to build at a steady pace to the point where it was capable of reaching my goals. By the time I crossed the finish line at the Ironman, hand in hand with my 25 year old son, I was lean, healthy, grateful, and ecstatically happy at my achievement! "

- Dave Vickars
   IT consultant

Welcome to LeanRunner!

How many times have you been running and wondered, how much faster could I be going if I was leaner and lighter?

How often have you crossed a finish line and thought, what would my PR be if I weighed 5, 10, or even 20 pounds less?

Are you a novice runner who would like to get more serious, but  your weight is making the training drudgery?

LeanRunner is a science-based program that was assembled by Jason Chamney, a professional trainer and nationally certified running coach for the past 20 years. The LeanRunner System is based on decades of research and practice. Its principles are supported by sport science and nutrition studies from elite universities published in reputable scientific journals. This program is different. It is made by a running coach specifically for runners using the most cutting-edge methods that work with your body’s physiology, not against it. It works quickly. There are no drugs or stimulants to take. It results in permanent change - guaranteed!

Fat Loss is A $100 Billion Dollar Industry – Yet Over Half of North Americans are Overfat. Even many runners, although they may be healthy and relatively fit, struggle with their body composition. SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING!

The amount of information and propaganda in the world on this topic is staggering and overwhelming. Since 1992, we have been delivering LeanRunner workshops to enlighten runners. The information delivered has evolved as science has provided more and more evidence on the subject.

We have used these ever evolving techniques to get results for hundreds of our private clients and now we want to share them with a wider audience. Please read and enjoy a few of the unpaid testimonials included here by many clients using this program.

We have used these ever evolving techniques to get results for hundreds of our clients and now we want to share them with a wider audience.

The success of the program is emphasized by the many testimonials who have used the LeanRunner methods to get lighter, fitter, and faster.

We have exclusively dedicated this system to fat loss, but there are numerous other benefits both intrinsic and extrinsic to the program. These include REDUCED training time for the best fat loss results, increased running speed, reduced injury risk, and increased energy all day long.

Science Makes the Difference:
We are just following the path set by researchers at leading Universities.

All of the methods we use are based on research done in the fields of medicine, exercise physiology, endocrinology, and nutrition at many of the top educational institutions in the world (e.g. Stanford, Laval, and Berkley) and published in reputable scientific journals (e.g. New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Diabetes Association, and American journal of Clinical Nutrition.) In order to be published in these journals, a very high standard of practice must be met by scientists. If they claim that evidence in their study significantly supports a theory about fat loss, then it must. This type of evidence is what the LeanRunner System is based on.

This should not be confused with anecdotes and studies produced by companies or manufacturers that are almost always skewed in favour of their products and often have questionable levels of procedural standard and statistical significance. This is what fad-based, temporary fat loss systems often use to market themselves. The biggest problem with these is if they work at all, the results are not sustainable and the customer can ultimately end up fatter after gaining the weight back and more.

LeanRunner is only interested in techniques supported by legitimate scientific studies that can yield permanent results.

For 20 years LeanRunner has been using genuine scientifically supported principles to train and advise our clients. This is why we have an extraordinarily high success rate. As new principles arise out of research, we test them with our clients. We are constantly seeking out new information from reputable sources.

How quickly can I lose fat with this program?

Although it is designed as a permanent solution and NOT a quick fix, many of our clients notice change in an extraordinarily short time frame.

Surprising even to us, we have had clients demonstrate amazing fat loss in JUST 3 DAYS! We have had many clients lose 10 pounds in just a week’s time. The consequences of diligence with this system can indeed be shocking.

The quick changes derived from the system inspire you to maintain the techniques for the long term. This intrinsic motivation is what makes the LeanRunner program the success story that it is.

If you want quick results that will last a lifetime instead of just a month or two, this program is for you. If you only want a quick fix then you should look elsewhere. There are thousands of short term weight loss programs that cannot be sustained because the drugs cannot be taken forever or because they work contrary to your body’s physiology, this is not that type of program.

The LeanRunner principles work forever. That is our credo. Along with the fat loss you will experience increased running speed, minimized joint pain, reduced injury risk, new race PB’s, and boosted energy levels all day long.

How do I lose fat permanently?

The LeanRunner system teaches you how to shift your body composition range permanently. For example, you may presently fluctuate between 220 and 230 pounds due to sporadic, unsystematic, or ineffective attempts to lose weight. Again, hypothetically, you know that ultimately you are much happier, fitter and, of course, faster between 185 and 190 pounds. Maybe you have been at this weight in your distant past and have struggled to get back or maybe you have always been overfat and want to reset your system and achieve a leaner, fitter version of yourself. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds there are specific protocols that must be implemented to cause this change permenantly.

Nobody who is serious about reducing their body fat permanently should ever use a system that advocates regular ingestion of stimulants or “thermogenic” agents or ingredients. This is NOT a process that can be maintained permanently and will not support the desired permanent physiological change necessary for irreversible fat loss to occur.

There are certain objectives one must understand to enable their own permanent fat loss:

A) You must minimize everything contributing to your body’s fat storing ability.
Presently you probably have many things contributing to your body’s ability to store fat that you aren’t even aware of. These things are so insidious that your brain chemistry seeks them out every day, but your body’s metabolism recognises them as cues to store more fat. You may even believe that some of them are good for you, but they are making you fatter by the day.

B) You must increase your body’s ability to burn fat around-the-clock, NOT just while you exercise. This must not be done with drugs or stimulants.
Increasing fat burning is not a matter of spending hour after hour doing continuous aerobic runs. It is not the result of pumping your body full of artificial drugs or stimulants. Optimally, it is specifically implemented short training bouts and eating in a way that compliments your biochemistry that will transform your metabolism.

C) You must integrate easily sustainable behaviours into your life that work with your body and not against it.
Once you know the LeanRunner principles, you will see how simple it is to make this system part of your life. Our clients often can’t believe why they didn’t take these steps before. It will never starve or deplete you like a caloric-deficit diet. Instead, it will boost your energy levels all day long unlike the temporary jolt of weight loss pills.

What Does the LeanRunner System Contain?

The LeanRunner Program teaches you the principles necessary for permanent fat loss as a runner. It then teaches you the steps to take to apply these principles to your own training, nutrition, and lifestyle

No drugs, pills, supplements, new-age fluff, or pseudoscience -- all science and all results, guaranteed.

You will experience the one-of-a-kind LeanRunner seminar in real-time as it is delivered to our private clients on 4 volumes of audio CDs. The detailed outline of seminar content can be found on the FAQ page under the same question as the above heading. In addition, you receive a full manuscript and follow-along manual to supplement the seminar. It comes complete with fully described sample workout, exercise schematics, illustrations, training integration methods, nutrition guidelines, and everything you will need to implement the LeanRunner program.

You will also receive a Quick Start Guide and a Supplementary Log Book to ensure successful program integration.

As a final bonus, if you Order by August 1, 2011 you will receive FREE SHIPPING and 2 FREE Gifts (while quantities last) that will serve as added essential resources for your success with the program.

By participating in this comprehensive and program, you will learn and implement little-known secrets about training, permanent metabolic change, and fat loss:
  • -The science behind the world's leanest runners and how that can help you
  • -Why continuous long runs are unnecessary for fat loss
  • -Why running in your “fat burning zone” is not effective for fat loss for a runner
  • -Why a diet plan that will work wonders for one person can cause illness and obesity in another.
  • -Why caloric deficit and caloric surplus are not relevant factors in the science of fat loss
  • -How a post-partum woman lost 23 lbs of fat in 4 weeks on just 60 minutes of training per week – total
  • -How you can create an effective fat loss workout that is only 12, 8, or even 4 minutes long
  • -What types of training results in fat burning for hours and hours (and even days) after the workout
  • -How to boost food quality to fuel your body more effectively fuel your body and facilitate fat loss
  • -How to change your hormone profile (without drugs) to make your body a better fat burning machine
  • -How to sleep your way to a leaner body

Order by August 1, 2011 and receive the following 2 amazing bonuses:

The Best Selling Book, "The Metabolic Typing Diet" , by William L Wolcott and Trish Fahey
A How-To Guide for Individualizing Your Nutrition to YOUR Body’s Biochemistry
  • -part of the must-know information and guidance for effective fat loss

  • The TrackFit.co “Learn to Run” Instructional DVD - Part 1

    The Foundational Instruction for Running More, Efficiently, Faster, and Injury Free

  • -the techniques and drills that are practiced by the best runners in the world
  • -daily routines to minimize movement deficiencies preventing you from running well and causing injury
  • -learn the 3 simple components of perfect running form and how you can improve them