Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our clients have to say.

"I am very grateful for this program. They showed me how to become a LeanRunner! I steadily lost 25 pounds of fat on the program going from a slow 205 lbs to a leaner, faster, and fitter 180 lbs. It changed my understanding of how my body works and more importantly how it can and should work. It sent me on a path toward life-long physical betterment, not just a quick fix.

The only problem is that I have to keep buying smaller clothes, but I’ll have to live with it because I feel GREAT!”

Irwin Lee,
Commercial Real Estate GM

“Following several years of fairly intensive cycling, I began the LeanRunner program to round out my fitness. I also reluctantly agreed to do a diet overhaul, which I thought would be a total waste of time. The results: I dropped about 7 pounds right off the bat, got leaner and stronger, and no longer felt hungry during the day and subject to potato chip binges.
Three key features of this program that I very much appreciate:
  • It’s fun. I’m doing interval running and very much enjoying the change from cycling, and I’m again doing some strength work that can change often enough to keep it interesting. The running has been especially fun, and it’s been easy to see the progress from turtle-like trots to full out sprints that, while not quite yet at Olympic levels, are increasingly faster. The mix of workouts is fun and challenging.
  • It’s time efficient: every single one of the training sessions is over and done in 30-45 minutes max. They are easier workouts to fit into a day, in any facility, at home, or in virtually anywhere I might be.
  • It works: Results are there, and I can always crank up the intensity to keep going on the same trajectory.

Rick Peterson,
Investment Advisor

Experience all of these benefits and more with the LeanRunner System!

  • Scientific Research:
    Methods and techniques from the most current and cutting-edge studies from leading universities including Stanford, Berkley, and Laval which are published in legitimate scientific journals are used in the LeanRunner program.
  • 23 Years of Experience:
    These methods have evolved and been successfully applied to train and optimize body composition of runners for more than 2 decades.
  • More Time:
    Learn why what you’re doing now isn’t working. Stop wasting your time. Learn how you can actually train less and still get leaner and faster.
  • Ultimate Nutrition Plan:
    This part of the system is easy to implement and versatile. It can be adapted to any lifestyle. It is sustainable for life. You eat for energy and performance while getting leaner.
  • Short and Simple Workouts:
    Fully described and illustrated workouts that you can try right now to get you leaner, stronger and faster.
  • Never Go Hungry:
    Eat until you’re satiated and still lose the fat. This is not a caloric restriction plan. You will learn what to eat and when to eat it. There is a wide variety of great tasting food in this plan. You can eat whatever it takes to satiate your hunger and even add meals if you need to.
  • World Class Training:
    Learn how the training techniques of some of the best runners in the world can benefit you and improve your body composition.
  • NO Drugs, Stimulants, Anabolic Agents, or Appetite Suppressants:
    So the only side-effects of this sustainable program are getting leaner, lighter, and faster...for life.
  • Created for Runners by a Running Coach:
    This system is developed and instructed by the nationally certified running coach and professional trainer of more than 20 years, Jason Chamney. Training runners of all levels and improving running performance has been his life-long passion since his youth as a middle distance track athlete.
  • Reduce Injury Risk:
    The LeanRunner program both reduces load on the skeletal system by making you lighter and uses specialized training to make you a stronger runner. The result – fewer running injuries.
  • Bonuses:
    Order now and you will receive FREE SHIPPING, 2 FREE GIFTS (while quantities last), and a lifetime membership with our running club. These will serve as added essential resources for your success with the program.

    Gift #1 - The Best Selling Book, “The Metabolic Typing Diet”, by William L Wolcott and Trish Fahey A How-To Guide for Individualizing Your Nutrition to YOUR Body’s Biochemistry – part of the must-know information and guidance for effective fat loss

    Gift #2 - The “Learn to Run” Instructional DVD - Part 1 The Foundational Instruction for Running More, Efficiently, Faster, and Injury Free – the techniques and drills that are practiced by the best runners in the world – daily routines to minimize movement deficiencies preventing you from running well and causing injury – learn the 3 simple components of perfect running form and how you can improve them

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  • No Risk:
    100% better-than-money-back unconditional guarantee. Keep the bonuses. Refund includes shipping.